Office Policies

Your medical information is strictly confidential. We will not release it to anyone without your written consent. That includes phone calls we may receive from family members or relatives regarding your appointments or visit outcomes.  An authorization form must be signed if you want a copy of your medical records sent to another provider.

Insurance and Financial Policy

We ask that payment of all fees be made at the time of your visit. We accept VISA and Mastercard.  Please see our Insurance and Hospital Affliations page for more information.

Prescriptions and Refills
If you discover that your prescription will run out prior to your next visit, please call the office and have your pharmacist’s telephone number available.  For your safety, we will only authorize refills after reviewing your records.  Therefore prescription refills are not filled after hours or on weekends.  If you are using medications on a long term basis, including oral contraceptives, we may require an office visit more frequently than once per year. These visits assure your safety and optimal medical care.

Medical Records
Due to the rising cost of healthcare and the increasing amount of time and complexity involved in filling out health related forms, a charge of $20 and 7-10 days may be required for us to provide this service to you.  There is also a per page copying charge for copying medical records.  You must sign a release of information form and please be as specific as possible when indicating what information you need.

Lab Specimens
Our lab specimens are sent to Quest Diagnostics Laboratory.  If Quest Lab is not in your insurance network, please inform our receptionists and your Doctor before we send your specimens to Quest.  We can also send your specimens to Bellin Hospital or St. Vincent Hospital as well if your insurance network requires this.

Test Results
All of your laboratory results including pap smears, sonograms and mamograms are reviewed by your doctor. If an abnormality is found, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Please make sure your home and work telephone numbers are current.