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    All Women, For Women

    Welcome to Women’s Health Care OB-GYN! Dr. Plementosh, Dr. Kusiv, Ann Derge and Marcia Ten Haken are happy to see you!

  • All Women, For Women

    We are an independent, all female-staffed obstetric and gynecologic practice serving women in Northeastern Wisconsin.
    As an all female-staffed practice, we understand the special needs of women. We have all faced the same medical and emotional issues through direct personal experience and can bring the added knowledge to provide you with the highest quality of medical care.

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  • Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

    Our 3D/4D Ultrasounds are performed with state-of-the art technology that is packed full of innovations to offer the ultimate bonding experience as well as help our technicians see more, work more efficiently, and diagnose with more confidence..

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  • Robotic-Assisted Surgery

    If you are facing a hysterectomy or another gynecological surgery, you may be a candidate for robotic-assisted surgery. Get back to life quicker with a procedure that is less painful, has fewer complications, requires shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery.

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